Pipe Video Recording Platform

Record videos on your website with Pipe. Pipe handles video recording from desktop and mobile devices, all the different file formats, ensures secure storage & delivery and has the JS and Webhook APIs needed for a seamless integration.

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Everything You Need To Record Great Videos

Record from desktop and mobile

Pipe makes sure your website users can record video no matter the device and browser they're using. It works on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.

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Play everywhere

Different devices record to different video file formats including .mov, .mp4, .3gp and .flv. We make sure the final video is a proper .mp4 file that can be played on any device.

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Store on S3, (S)FTP and Dropbox

We can store the video for you but you can also easily push it to your own Amazon S3 bucket, your Dropbox account or to your website through (S)FTP for storage and delivery.

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Easy To Integrate

Pipe comes with an easy to use JS Control API and a JS Events API on desktop, a mobile events API, webhooks and a REST API for acessing your videos & data

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Up to 4k UltraHD Video

Pipe can record and properly manage videos up to 4k (3840x2160) in resolution from mobile devices and up to 1080p (1920x1080) from desktop devices.

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Bandwidth independent

Pipe's client side and server side buffering make it possible to record high quality videos over slow or unstable connections like 3G/4G and public WiFi.

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With a Pipe PRO account you can easily add a PNG watermark to any corner of your videos.

Push to YouTube

Once recorded videos can easily be pushed to your YouTube channel from the Pipe account area. Before uploading you can choose the title, description, tags and privacy settings.

Email notifications

When someone records a video using your Pipe video recorder you'll get an email with a snapsoht + details about the newly recorded vid. These emails can be turned off.

Do not store option

Videos are stored on our servers but if you configure your own storage (S3, (S)FTP, Dropbox) you can also enable the "Do not store" option. If enabled videos are immediately removed from our servers after they're pushed to your storage.


The Pipe video recording client automatically detects the best language to use between English, French, German, Spanish and Romanian. You can also use your own language file.

Design integration

The Pipe video recording client can be integrated into any desktop and mobile website both in terms of functionality but also in terms of size, colors and design.


Coming soon! Environments allow you to set up video recording across several websites on the same account or set up dev, qa & production environments.

Multiple webhooks

You can setup multiple webhooks to fire on 5 different Pipe events. Each event has it's own relevant data that's POSTed to your app.


The REST API allows you to query our database for any video recorded on your account and/or make changes to most of the account options.

Developed & Supported By a Great Team

Pipe is proudly developed and maintained in Romania by a great team of developers. Say hello at hello@addpipe.com.

Octavian, Product Manager

Remus, Developer

Virgi, Support, Documentation

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