Video & Audio Recording Clients + Infrastructure

Recording over the web is hard.
We save you time by providing the needed clients & infrastructure.

an illustration of two computers connecting to a central Pipe server from where further connections are made towards storage servers
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Weโ€™ll Provide the Platform so
You Can Focus on Building

We'll handle recording, processing, managing and even playback. You can focus on developing your app and business.

We handle the recording from desktop and mobile web browsers and from native apps.
All recordings are transcoded to .mp4, rotated and watermarked as necessary.
We handle the storage for you but we can also push the recordings to your own storage.
Playback across browsers and devices is ensured by our .mp4 conversion profile (H.264+AAC).

Powerful Recording Clients

A desktop like HTML5 streaming client that works on desktop & inline on mobile + a native mobile recording client

US & EU Servers
We automatically record to and process on localised servers for faster uploading and compliance with data protection laws.
Fast CDN
Our audio & video recording clients are instantly delivered from one of 169 edge servers around the globe.
HTML5 Recorder
Both Chrome and Firefox will now record from secure origins using our new HTML5 audio & video recorder.
Our mobile & desktop recording clients are avb. in English, French, German and Spanish. You can also use your own language file.

Easy To Implement

Built for developers

HTML and JS Embed Codes
Quickly add Pipe to any web page or single page app with our easy to use but powerful HTML and JS embed codes.
Control the recorders through Pipe's JS Control API and JS Events API on desktop + the mobile JS Events API on mobile.
Multiple Webhooks
You can setup webhooks to fire on 6 different Pipe events. Each event has its own data that's POSTed to your server side receiving script.
Design Integration
The Pipe recording clients can be integrated in terms of functionality but also in terms of size, colors and design.
Access to all your recordings data and account data in JSON format via GET,PUT & DELETE.
Multiple Recorders
With our new 2.0 JS/HTML embed code you can add multiple recorders to the same page.

Easy To Manage

View recordings, generate embed codes, manage storage options, view logs, create environments and more with just a few clicks.

a sequence of images showing sections of the Pipe account dashboard on a laptop
Easy Access to Recordings
Through the Pipe account dashboard you have immediate access to all your recordings and their metadata.
Times That Make Sense
All dates and times are shown in your own time zone.
Rich Metadata
Lots of metadata is stored with each recording: resolution, ip, length, user agent, codecs, device names, etc. .
Keep recordings and settings separate between your websites, projects, clients or between dev, QA and production.
Easy Access to Storage Logs
Did a push to (S)FTP/Dropbox or S3 fail? Find out why right away with our easy to filter storage logs.
Granular Billing Information
If you record past the included monthly quotas you can rely on our granular usage information to control your costs.

Secure Data Transit

The data is always encrypted in transit from recording to playback & APIs.

Secure Recording
All videos, from both our Flash and HTML5 video recording clients, are recorded through encrypted connections.
Secure Storage
The videos are securely pushed to your web site (through SFTP), to your S3 bucket or to our S3 storage (optional).
Secure Playback
Playback & download from our storage is done securely through https.
Secure APIs
Both our REST API and our webhooks can pass data over https ensuring no man in the middle attacks.

Plays Well With Others

We've written code and tutorials showing you how to integrate Pipe with other software.

an illustration showing the logos of other software that Pipe can integrate with: Formstack, Ninja Forms, Dropbox, WordPress, Formsite, Gravity Forms & YouTube

Donโ€™t just take our word for it

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