Pipe's Roots And The Team Behind It

Before Pipe we worked on video recording at HDFVR - a desktop and mobile video recording software for web sites.

HDFVR's has done well from it's launch in 2009 but with the emergence of mobile devices, HTML5, native apps, cloud storage and the plethora of video containers and codecs supported by various devices and Internet browsers it was clear HDFVR could no longer deliver the expected value in it's limited functionality, self hosted, hard to setup and maintain form.

So in 2014 we started work on HDFVR Cloud and after 2 iterations it became clear that video recording was just a small part of the problems we were solving.

Thus, in 2015, Pipe was born.

Pipe handles video recording from the desktop+mobile web and native iOS & Android apps, transcoding to mp4, storage delivery & security, video management and also deals with many corner cases while being easy to set up and use.

Pipe is now a solid product handling 5000 vids/day. You can keep track of it's daily evolution at changelog.addpipe.com.

Pipe is proudly developed and maintained in Romania by a great team of developers.
Say hello at hello@addpipe.com or via Twitter @piperecorder.

Octavian, Founder & Product Manager

Remus, Developer

Virgi, Support, Documentation

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