Pipe`s Roots

Before Pipe, we worked on video recording at HDFVR,
a downloadable video recording software for the web.

HDFVR's has done well from it's launch in 2009 but with the emergence of mobile devices, HTML5, native apps, cloud storage and the plethora of video containers and codecs used by various devices and Internet browsers it was clear HDFVR could no longer deliver the expected value.
So in 2014 we started work on HDFVR Cloud, a hosted version of HDFVR, but after just 2 iterations it became clear that the video recording client was just a small part of the problems we were solving. Videos needed to be converted, rotated, stored, managed, webhooks had to be fired and snapshots had to be extracted.
We had to find a new name for this new platform we were working on so we went on an epic soul searching journey to find a new name. It came down to Pipe vs Tunnel. Pipe won.
After more than an year of product iterations we finally summoned up the courage to release the Pipe platform on the 1st of February 2016. Since then we've made huge improvements to the entire system.

Pipe Now Takes Care Of

Audio & video recording from desktop & mobile browsers
Video recording from mobile apps through native SDKs
The conversion of all audio & video files to .mp4
Snapshot extraction, rotation & watermarks
Easy to use but powerful embed code
Storing the video files on Amazon S3
The push to the client's S3, (S)FTP or Dropbox account
The integration w/ WordPress, Gravity Forms, YouTube & more
The JS APIs & Webhooks needed for a deep integration
Easy to use management area for your videos

And it's Improved Every Day

Keep track of it's daily evolution at changelog.addpipe.com.

Founder & CTO
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Recording Client Engineer
Backend Engineer
Full Stack Engineer
Pipe is now a solid platform handling over
32.000 audio & video recordings/day
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