Monthly Archive: August 2015

The New Video Recording Prompt for HTML Media Capture in iOS9

Media Capture prompt on iOS 8 iPhone 5

iOS 9 is scheduled to be released this autumn and it brings many changes, but today we’re going to look at one of the lesser known ones: the change to the HTML Media Capture prompt used by Safari for video. For those who don’t know Media Capture is the standard way to capture video, audio or a photo on your website from mobile devices. In iOS 8 (pictured above) you basically had 3 options:...


Pipe 0.7 is Now Live


One of the first things you will notice with the latest version of Pipe, is the new look. The design has been remade from the ground up and it now stands in line with today’s best practices. New Design and Interface Functionality Effort was put into streamlining the user experience when following the steps needed to grant access to the camera and microphone, selecting the camera and microphone you...


Rotation Metadata in Video Files Created by Mobile Devices

Rotation metadata value in mp4 and mov files recorded by mobile devices.

Videos recorded using mobile devices contain a lot of metadata. One piece of such data is the rotation metadata. This data is used by browsers such as Chrome and Safari and by video players like VLC and QuickTime to display the video the way it was shot: portrait or landscape. The rotation metadata is stored as an integer, it represents degrees, and has 4 possible values: 0, 90,...


Pipe Blog: Hello World!

I’m Octavian from Pipe and this is our new blog. We’ll write about video recording tech (obviously 🙂 ), HTML5, releases, our team, case studies, events, growth and a lot more. Our 1st blog post will be published tomorrow, it’s about the rotation metadata in video files.