Monthly Archive: October 2015

How To Easily Extract Mp3 Audio From Mp4 With VLC [Conversion series Ep. 1]

extract mp3 audio from an mp4

This is the first of a series of articles about audio and video file conversions. Why conversions? An important part of how Pipe works behind the scenes has to deal with converting video files from different formats to .mp4. While doing this we noticed there are several challenges people might face when trying to go from one format to the other so we decided to shed some light...


Pipe 0.9 Is Live


New round of updates has been released for Pipe. Officially Supported Browsers We have defined the list of the officially browsers Pipe will support On Desktop: Firefox 35 and up Chrome 4 and up Safari 4 and up Internet Explorer 9 and up Edge 12 On Mobile: Android Browser on Android version 4.4 and up Safari on iOS version 3.2 and up Timezone Data in Webhooks The webhooks payload...