Monthly Archive: June 2016

Media Recorder API is Now Supported by 65% of all Desktop Internet Users

media recorder api market share

The Media Recorder API is the new HTML5 API for recording video in the browser. With Firefox supporting it for at least 2 years and Chrome having implemented it at the beginning of this year, we wanted to see just how many Internet users can actually use it, if, as a developer, you decide to implement video recording in your website using this API. We just had to find the...


Pipe 0.16 is Live

We are constantly trying to make the best product that Pipe can be with each new iteration, by intertwining our vision with feedback from our clients. Mobile Videos Cut to Length We cannot control the length of the videos recorded from mobile devices. The OS of the devices does not permit specifying the maximum recording length from the browser. To address this issue we’ve implemented a new option,...