Monthly Archive: September 2016

Flash is turned off by default in Safari 10 on macOS Sierra. Here’s what you can do about it [AS A DEVELOPER]

Flash blocked on on Safari 10

macOS Sierra was launched yesterday, and with it came a new version of Safari, Safari 10. Along with new features like Apple Pay, Safari 10 in Sierra introduces changes in the way it allows Flash content to run. Flash is now off by default but it can be easily enabled for each site that needs it. Flash content embedded through object/embed tags Flash content embedded directly is replaced in the page by a Click...


Environments Now Available

moving between development, staging and production

The next logical step in the evolution of Pipe, after implementing multiple webhooks, was to add the ability to create multiple environments per account. Environments Each environment has it’s own S3, (S)FTP, Dropbox credentials, webhooks and watermarks and videos. You can use environments to set up different Pipe configurations for your development, staging and production areas. Another way environments could be especially helpful is if you have two or more websites...


I’ve disabled Flash for a week

Websites using Flash content

In light of recent announcements from both Safari and Chrome that they’ll stop advertising Flash Player’s presence I’ve decided to see how ready the Internet is to move past Flash’s legacy and into an HTML only era. I’ve configured Chrome to ask me before running any Flash content (Preferences… > Content Settings… > Plug-ins).  This made it easy to identify Flash content on pages since with this change Chrome overlays Flash...