Monthly Archive: December 2016

Pipe 0.20 Brings Some Early Christmas Goodies

With a final push before the holidays, we managed to improve Pipe even further. New Amazon S3 folder options and regions We’ve added the option to specify a folder name when configuring your Amazon S3 storage in your Pipe Account The default value of the option is “/”. This means the files will be stored on the root of your S3 storage. If you specify a folder name and...


New HTML 5 WebRTC Based Video Recording Client Is Now In Beta

With the advent of browsers starting to slowly push away from Flash, the latest version of Pipe comes with a brand new HTML 5 video recorder. Developed with WebRTC, it uses the latest in real time communication and recording technologies. It is currently in beta and you can easily enable it per environment to try it out. Functionality and looks The new HTML 5 video recorder has total feature parity...


Newly released Pipe version adds tons of improvements

Pipe on Android devices

Loads of changes and improvements were implemented during the last 3 months, a list that culminated yesterday with the release in beta of the 1st HTML 5 & WebRTC based Pipe video recording client. We’ll have a different blog post for that, for now let us delve into the newest Pipe updates. Improvements Ability to select pre-recorded videos on Android devices New preview for Pipe on Android devices...