On the 1st of February 2018 we’ll be making 2 changes to our platform:

1) We’ll be switching to a new EU based S3 bucket named eu1-addpipe.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com located in Frankfurt. We’re doing this to consolidate our existing infrastructure in the EU as we’re preparing to open new recording, processing and storing regions in US, Canada and Asia.

A few notes:

  • If you’re not storing videos with us (Do Not Store is on) this change will not affect you
  • Our webhooks will send the correct url and snapshotUrl values
  • The JS Event APIs will send the correct value for the location parameter
  • Existing videos will remain on the oiriginal S3 bucket (addpipevideos.s3.amazonaws.com)

2) We’ll also be adding more entropy to file names by using a random 32 characters string followed by the extension for both the video and snapshot file names.

SourceCurrent file namesNew file names (32 chars without extension)
desktop Flashvs1234567890123_1230Tjt0DK9zCOF325F gp1UEYkFeY17WwKI
desktop HTML5vsrtc1234567890_123TCYwNqlClKkBcEmY 76eWNkAf7JwxcKEV
mobile uploadsmvs_123456789g8Q8JTT69NN1T2Yz TOzXh50CwD7ckAir

A few notes:

  • Our webhooks will send the correct videoNameurl and snapshotUrl values
  • The JS Event API will send the correct streamName and filename values