Environments Now Available

moving between development, staging and production

The next logical step in the evolution of Pipe, after implementing multiple webhooks, was to add the ability to create multiple environments per account. Environments Each environment has it’s own S3, (S)FTP, Dropbox credentials, webhooks and watermarks and videos. You can use environments to set up different Pipe configurations for your development, staging and production areas. Another way environments could be especially helpful is if you have two or more websites...


I’ve disabled Flash for a week

Websites using Flash content

In light of recent announcements from both Safari and Chrome that they’ll stop advertising Flash Player’s presence I’ve decided to see how ready the Internet is to move past Flash’s legacy and into an HTML only era. I’ve configured Chrome to ask me before running any Flash content (Preferences… > Content Settings… > Plug-ins).  This made it easy to identify Flash content on pages since with this change Chrome overlays Flash...


Pipe 0.17 Adds Multiple Webhooks and More

Our roadmap to making Pipe the best experience it can be, has made us focus on adding and implementing more tools that help the user to develop, test and integrate with our product easier. To that end the newest release of Pipe is mainly about the new multiple webhooks feature. Multiple Webhooks We’ve revised and changed our cloud server software architecture to make it possible to have multiple...


How to record videos on your WordPress website using Ninja Forms and Pipe


17 November 2016 update: Updated the code to make it work on mobile devices as well. Giving your users the possibility to record videos directly on your website can be a real game changer for your business. Here at Pipe we’re always looking for ways on how to make this process easier and faster. Today we’ll show you how to create a contact form on WordPress using Ninja Forms that...


Pipe Video Recorder Plugin 1.5 for WordPress Is Now Available

It’s been a while since we’ve last updated Pipe’s Video Recorder Plugin for WordPress thus we strongly felt it was time for a revision. So we’ve spent the last few weeks going through every line of code and functionality in an attempt to improve every aspect of the plugin. We’ve now focused the plugin around the 2 actions that it enables: record a video from the backend (as an...


HTML Media Capture Video Quality When Recording Videos From Safari on iOS

360p vs 720p vs 1080p vs 4k

iOS 7.1 and later supports video recording in Safari through HTML Media Capture. HTML Media Capture works by extending the <input type=”file”> and adding new values for the accept parameter, namely audio, photo and video. It allows you to record videos or choose a pre-recorded video directly from Safari. When recording a new video the native OS video recording app is used to perform the actual recording on the...


Media Recorder API is Now Supported by 65% of all Desktop Internet Users

media recorder api market share

The Media Recorder API is the new HTML5 API for recording video in the browser. With Firefox supporting it for at least 2 years and Chrome having implemented it at the beginning of this year, we wanted to see just how many Internet users can actually use it, if, as a developer, you decide to implement video recording in your website using this API. We just had to find the...


Pipe 0.16 is Live

We are constantly trying to make the best product that Pipe can be with each new iteration, by intertwining our vision with feedback from our clients. Mobile Videos Cut to Length We cannot control the length of the videos recorded from mobile devices. The OS of the devices does not permit specifying the maximum recording length from the browser. To address this issue we’ve implemented a new option,...


How to Record Video Using Gravity Forms and Pipe Video Recorder


17 November 2016 update: Updated the code to make it work on mobile devices as well. Have you ever wanted to capture the emotion and enthusiasm (or anger 😀) of your website visitors, subscribers or clients? Have you ever wanted to capture more than just text with a form? With Gravity Forms and Pipe Video Recorder you can capture all that emotion and detail by including video recording in your website forms. Wether...


Pipe 0.15 Is Now Live

After Pipe’s successful launch, we’ve continued to gather important client feedback. This new version of Pipe is the result of that. New Webhook Events We’ve implemented four new webhooks for the following events: video has been recorded. video has been uploaded to (S)FTP. video has been uploaded to client’s Amazon S3. video has been uploaded to Dropbox. These can be setup from as usual from the [Webhooks] tab....