With a final push before the holidays, we managed to improve Pipe even further.

New Amazon S3 folder options and regions

We’ve added the option to specify a folder name when configuring your Amazon S3 storage in your Pipe Account


Amazon S3 folder option

The default value of the option is “/”. This means the files will be stored on the root of your S3 storage.

If you specify a folder name and it is not already created on your S3 storage, Pipe will automatically create it for you.

We’ve also added 3 new bucket regions options : London, Seoul and Mumbai.


  • Consistent init screen -> privacy screen -> device selection screen -> record screen flow in the Flash client
  • Video playback in the Flash video recording client is no longer flipped which makes recorded text readable during playback
  • Better handling of used devices on computers with multiple recording devices when local shared objects (cookies) are not allowed (Flash client)
  • Updates to the JavaScript Mobile Events API: added videoId parameter to onVideoUploadSuccess() event function. See documentation.
  • Language detection for both desktop and mobile version now consistently relies on the browser’s preferred language, instead of the OS or browser language
  • onRecorderReady() is now the preferred JS Events API function to detect when Pipe is ready to record as onFlashReady() is being deprecated (still works)
  • onRecorderInit() is a new JS Events API function that lets you know the initial [Record Video] screen is ready to be clicked


  • Fixed issue in Pipe’s account settings with [Cancel subscription] button still showing in the account settings after the subscription was cancelled
  • Fixed issue with fast clicking on [Save] button skipping the thumbnail creation (Flash client)