Working Hard to Make Pipe Better

We plan for 2 week cycles but we often roll out features faster. Email ideas and bugs to


o v0.20 22th of December 2016
|Better handling of the device selection screen, when local shared objects (cookies) are not allowed
|Improved init screen -> privacy screen -> device selection screen -> record screen flow
|Video playback in the Pipe Flash video recorder is no longer flipped
|Added folder option to the Amazon S3 integration
|Added 3 new bucket regions options to the Amazon S3 integration: London, Seoul and Mumbai
|Updates to the JavaScript Mobile Events API: added videoId to onVideoUploadSuccess event function
|Language detection for both desktop and mobile version now relies on Accept-Language HTTP header
|onRecorderReady() is now the preferred JS Events API function to detect when Pipe is ready to record as onFlashReady() is being deprecated (still works)
|onRecorderInit() is a new JS Events API function that lets you know the initial [Record Video] screen is ready to be clicked
|Fixed issue with [Cancel subscription] button still showing in the account settings after the subscription was cancelled 
|Fixed issue with fast click on [Save] button skipping the thumbnail creation
|New documentation: Do Not Store option
|Updates to the documentation regarding JavaScript events and language detection
|Documentation regarding SFTP and FTP statuses is now separated in 2 tables
o v0.19 12th of December 2016
|New HTMl 5 WebRTC based Pipe video recording client (beta)
|Ability to select pre-recorded videos on Android devices
|Upgraded to jQuery 1.12.4
|Optimizations to the cloud infrastructure in what regards the video processing
|Newly recorded videos are prioritized over older ones that failed to convert and are now in the retry queue
|The default dimension and resolution in the Pipe account area is now 300p (400x300) to avoid Chrome pausing the small 320x240 Pipe recorder 
|(S)FTP logs now contain the port used and protocol
|PPAPI Flash detection is now used to prevent PPAPI on Chrome on macOS from showing more than 1 audio source
|Removed SWFObject from Pipe embeds in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56
|Updated the documentation regarding the possible (S)FTP upload statuses
|Updated docs for custom audio-video profile and language files, regarding the HTML 5 client
|Testing webhooks with querystrings and/or port numbers does not result in an error
|Webhook URLs can now have up to 200 characters
|Preventing forward slashes in payload JSON data from being escaped with backslashes
|Documented the correct way to send JSON payload data
|Payload string sanitizing for mobile recordings
|Clearer explanations for payload in the documentation with correct use of the "property", "object" and "name/value" pairs terms
|Better language detection on Safari/Chrome on iOS and on Internet/Chrome on Android
|Updates to Pipe's account UI (improved video list, loading animations, tabbed menu, etc)
|Image preview for Android devices in Pipe account's embed area
|Audio only and not stored videos are now properly represented with a different icon in the list of videos
|More detailed status info for recorded videos with 4 states: queued, transcoding, trasncoded, failed transcode
|Correct link for updating your payment details on new paid Pipe accounts
|Fixed issue with videos recorded from mobile devices not being assigned to the correct environment
o v0.18 12th of September 2016
|Environments now available in Pipe
|Webhook logs now display the Request Headers
|Updated webhook info panel with data about Content-Type and IP
o v0.17 22th of August 2016
|Multiple Webhooks per account
|New ACL option for S3 push service
|New JS function onRecorderReady
|Better looking videos list tab
|Added response time to the webhook calls, which are displayed in the logs
|Added description of pause() JS call which is used to pause video playback
|Clarified onSaveOK documentation and when to use webhooks instead
|Fixed issue with httpReferer not being sent for retried conversions
o v0.16 14th of June 2016
|Mobile videos can now be cut to length
|Disabling of autosaving videos
|Mobile client is now translated
|New payment history table in the Billings page
|Added HTTP Referer to all webhooks
|Added thumbnail link attribute to /videos and /video REST API endpoint
|Better onSaveOk documentation
|Added usage examples for JS Events API
|Added timezone to the account creation time info from the Settings page
|Removed Romanian translation because it is not detected by Pipe when running in Chrome
|On mobile devices the upload button is disabled until a recording is made/selected
|Compressing of files that are being delivered by our servers
|Improvements to the email we send when a payment fails
|Better information in the Billing page
|Improved description for the [Cancel Subscription] action in the Settings page
|Improved notification for the account that have had their payment fail
|Updated the documentation regarding the language mechanism
|The subscription payment failed email is now sent only on the 2nd and 3rd fail. Also the message of the email has been improved
|Fixed issue with update payment link being broken in the email that was sent
|Fixed issue with no image showing up in the videos list while the video was still converting
o v0.15 28th of March 2016 
|Implemented four new webhook events: video_recorded, video_copied_ftp, video_copied_s3, video_copied_dbox
|Editable port numbers for (S)FTP
|Updated REST API /video endpoint. New extra information returned: Pipe S3 video link, adjusted datetime and timezone 
|Improved billing section
|Better explanation for the [Do Not Store] option
|[Select all] option for the videos tab
|Updated documentation for onCamAccess, onFlashReady and record()
|FTP testing will now also test the file upload
|Updated (S)FTP help panel
|Fixed issue [Powered by Pipe] link going over the recording time when the menu was hidden
|Fixed small issue with a JavaScript call order
|Fixed issue with device names not being encoded correctly with UTF-8
o v0.14 1st of February 2016 - Launch Version
|Added videoId parameter to the onSaveOk JavaScript function.
o v0.13 21st of December 2015
|Updated the Watermark page to show the configured or not status at the top together with the watermark itself and the selected position.
|Videos longer than 1 hour will have their duration displayed correctly.
|Adjusted the width of the Status and Video Details columns in the Videos page.
|Updated the documentation in regards to how to obtain the custom payload data from the webhook.
|Updated the REST API documentation.
|Pipe now checks if the recorded stream contains video and only then applies a watermark (if one is configured). This prevents an issue that caused streams to not get converted if they contained only audio.
|Fixed issue with video email notification being sent multiple times if certain conditions were met.
o v0.12  30th of November 2015
|Email notification each time a new video is recorded.
|Added new pre-recording screen to the Pipe interface.
|Implemented REST API with GET, PUT and DELETE requests.
|The moov atom is now placed at the beginning of videos to ensure a faster start of the video playback in browers.
|Further improvements to the video list: grouped storage option status, thumbnail that keeps the aspect ratio, new Action column that contains all the possible actions: embed, download and upload to YouTube
o v0.11 16th of November 2015
|Videos can now be uploaded to YouTube from your Pipe account area > Videos page.
|Implemented Watermarking for videos, with the option to choose the watermark and the corner where it will be positioned.
|Added the option to resend the webhooks that failed to be sent at the time of the recording. A button will be shown for the failed webhooks, in the new column of the video list table. This works retroactively with failed webhooks prior to the implementation of the feature.
o v0.10 2nd of November 2015
|Implemented Dropbox integration along with Dropbox logs for the status of the uploaded videos.
|Implemented new [Do Not Store Video] account setting. 
|Documentation updates for newly added Dropbox integration.
|Improved the Pipe servers workflow by separating the conversion mechanism from the storage mechanism.
o v0.9 19th October 2015
|The webhooks payload data now contains 2 new fields: dateTime and timeZone. Updated documentation to reflect the change.
|Videos that have been recorded without audio are now marked in the videos list, with possible explanations of why the video has no audio track.
|Made some adjustments and updates to our conversion mechanism to fix a reported issue with playback of .mp4 files in Internet Explorer.
|Added documentation on how multilanguage works in Pipe and how to load your own external language files.
|Added documentation about supported browsers.
|Old videos that were still stored on our VPS were moved to S3 and links are now being redirected. As a result our whole storage is now on Amazon S3.
|Added account hash information in the account area.
|Updated account area help panel.
|Updated webhook tab help panel.
o v0.8 7th September 2015
|All recorded videos are now stored on our Amazon S3 instances
|Multilanguage support and automatic language detection. Possibility to override auto detection and force a certain language.
|Added information about recording device names in video list
|Added device orientation information for mobile recordings
|The video list now contains larger and clickable thumbnails
|Better grouping of information on video list
|Help text panel in the account management tab
|Minor updates to the documentation
o v0.7 10th August 2015
|Implemented new design and interface functionality along with quality monitoring features
|Implemented new design options in the account area
|Added SSL support for Webhooks
|Added pagination for the videos page in the account area
|Implemented timezone setting per account
|Separated documentation for API's and other small updates to the documentation regarding SFTP/FTP and S3 uploading
o 3rd August 2015 
| Launched The Pipe Blog
o v0.6 6th July 2015
| Implemented webhook authentication for additional security
| Implemented styling options for Pipe in the account area. Menu color, background color and corner radius can now be customized
| Implemented SFTP upload. Recordings can now be stored either via SFTP or FTP
| Implemented mobile JS Event API and added specific documentation on how to access it
| Major documentation update. We reorganzied the structure and added all new documentation for the new implemented features
| Updated look for SFTP/FTP, S3 and Webhook logs
| Fixed issue with snapshots from Android devices taken in a 90 degree angle
| Fixed issue with response for test webhook not being correctly formatted
o v0.5 22th June 2015
| Implemented a new variable 'payload' that can be added to the embed code and will be sent back via webhook
| Maximum recording time can now be configured from the Pipe account area. It can also be changed directly in the embed code via the new setting 'mrt'
| Added ability to remove recorded videos from your Pipe account area
| Video will show mirrored while recording and during playback in the Pipe recorder (final videos will not be mirrored)
| Removed blinking REC icon and live frames per second value
| Fixed issue with video snapshots not being created in some instances
| Fixed issue with videos not being created if the first recording made was from a mobile device.
| Updated documentation in regards to Amazon S3 setup
| Updated documentation in regards to creating a custom quality profile
| Updated documentation in regards to the new 'payload' variable
o v0.4 8th June 2015
| Better load balanced process that handles conversion/ftp push/s3 push/webhooks
| Faster mobile uploads (conversion process is not linked to the upload process anymore)
| Implemented Amazon S3 bucket regions for better compatibility with S3
| Fixed issue with JS Control API not working because of cross site scripting
| Fixed issue with snapshots not showing up until at least 1 video had been recorded from the desktop
| Fixed issue with confirm page for new Pipe accounts
| Fixed issue with webhook logs not registering correctly for some accounts
| Corrected & improoved documentation
| Correct default test sample data for webhooks
| Minor UI improovements to the Pipe account area
| Faster loading video recorder on desktop
o v0.3 25th May 2015
| Initial release on after 2 releases as "HDFVR Cloud" available from the HDFVR client/trial account area.