Working Hard to Make Pipe Better

We plan for 2 week cycles but we often roll out features faster. Email ideas and bugs to


o v0.21 23rd of February 2017
|Proper detection for the existence of camera and microphone for the HTML5 Pipe Recorder
|Architecture and security changes: 2 separate recording servers (Flash and HTML5) and 1 separate processing server.
|Implemented new function as part of the JavaScript control API: removePipeRecorder
|onMicActivityLevel event API is now supported by the HTML5 video recorder
|Pipe video recorder will no longer access the webcam during playback (HTML 5 version)
|Pipe has a better UI for error messages (HTML 5 version)
|New option and functionality [Mirror image while recording] added in the Embed page.  Pipe will no longer mirror the image by default, instead it will rely on this newly added option which is transferred as an the new embed code parameter mv (defaults to 0).
|Added S3 bucket folder (if set) to video and image URL in the S3 webhook payload
|Added Canada region for S3 bucket regions
|Updated Amazon S3 signature version
|Updated docs regarding new API functions (getPlaybackTime and onSnapshotTaken) and deprecated onFlashReady function
|Fixed issue with (S)FTP  and Amazon S3 logs not storing multiple entries for the same video
o v0.20 22th of December 2016
|Better handling of the device selection screen, when local shared objects (cookies) are not allowed
|Improved init screen -> privacy screen -> device selection screen -> record screen flow
|Video playback in the Pipe Flash video recorder is no longer flipped
|Added folder option to the Amazon S3 integration
|Added 3 new bucket regions options to the Amazon S3 integration: London, Seoul and Mumbai
|Updates to the JavaScript Mobile Events API: added videoId to onVideoUploadSuccess event function
|Language detection for both desktop and mobile version now relies on Accept-Language HTTP header
|onRecorderReady() is now the preferred JS Events API function to detect when Pipe is ready to record as onFlashReady() is being deprecated (still works)
|onRecorderInit() is a new JS Events API function that lets you know the initial [Record Video] screen is ready to be clicked
|Fixed issue with [Cancel subscription] button still showing in the account settings after the subscription was cancelled 
|Fixed issue with fast click on [Save] button skipping the thumbnail creation
|New documentation: Do Not Store option
|Updates to the documentation regarding JavaScript events and language detection
|Documentation regarding SFTP and FTP statuses is now separated in 2 tables
o v0.19 12th of December 2016
|New HTMl 5 WebRTC based Pipe video recording client (beta)
|Ability to select pre-recorded videos on Android devices
|Upgraded to jQuery 1.12.4
|Optimizations to the cloud infrastructure in what regards the video processing
|Newly recorded videos are prioritized over older ones that failed to convert and are now in the retry queue
|The default dimension and resolution in the Pipe account area is now 300p (400x300) to avoid Chrome pausing the small 320x240 Pipe recorder 
|(S)FTP logs now contain the port used and protocol
|PPAPI Flash detection is now used to prevent PPAPI on Chrome on macOS from showing more than 1 audio source
|Removed SWFObject from Pipe embeds in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56
|Updated the documentation regarding the possible (S)FTP upload statuses
|Updated docs for custom audio-video profile and language files, regarding the HTML 5 client
|Testing webhooks with querystrings and/or port numbers does not result in an error
|Webhook URLs can now have up to 200 characters
|Preventing forward slashes in payload JSON data from being escaped with backslashes
|Documented the correct way to send JSON payload data
|Payload string sanitizing for mobile recordings
|Clearer explanations for payload in the documentation with correct use of the "property", "object" and "name/value" pairs terms
|Better language detection on Safari/Chrome on iOS and on Internet/Chrome on Android
|Updates to Pipe's account UI (improved video list, loading animations, tabbed menu, etc)
|Image preview for Android devices in Pipe account's embed area
|Audio only and not stored videos are now properly represented with a different icon in the list of videos
|More detailed status info for recorded videos with 4 states: queued, transcoding, trasncoded, failed transcode
|Correct link for updating your payment details on new paid Pipe accounts
|Fixed issue with videos recorded from mobile devices not being assigned to the correct environment
o v0.18 12th of September 2016
|Environments now available in Pipe
|Webhook logs now display the Request Headers
|Updated webhook info panel with data about Content-Type and IP
o v0.17 22th of August 2016
|Multiple Webhooks per account
|New ACL option for S3 push service
|New JS function onRecorderReady
|Better looking videos list tab
|Added response time to the webhook calls, which are displayed in the logs
|Added description of pause() JS call which is used to pause video playback
|Clarified onSaveOK documentation and when to use webhooks instead
|Fixed issue with httpReferer not being sent for retried conversions
o v0.16 14th of June 2016
|Mobile videos can now be cut to length
|Disabling of autosaving videos
|Mobile client is now translated
|New payment history table in the Billings page
|Added HTTP Referer to all webhooks
|Added thumbnail link attribute to /videos and /video REST API endpoint
|Better onSaveOk documentation
|Added usage examples for JS Events API
|Added timezone to the account creation time info from the Settings page
|Removed Romanian translation because it is not detected by Pipe when running in Chrome
|On mobile devices the upload button is disabled until a recording is made/selected
|Compressing of files that are being delivered by our servers
|Improvements to the email we send when a payment fails
|Better information in the Billing page
|Improved description for the [Cancel Subscription] action in the Settings page
|Improved notification for the account that have had their payment fail
|Updated the documentation regarding the language mechanism
|The subscription payment failed email is now sent only on the 2nd and 3rd fail. Also the message of the email has been improved
|Fixed issue with update payment link being broken in the email that was sent
|Fixed issue with no image showing up in the videos list while the video was still converting
o v0.15 28th of March 2016 
|Implemented four new webhook events: video_recorded, video_copied_ftp, video_copied_s3, video_copied_dbox
|Editable port numbers for (S)FTP
|Updated REST API /video endpoint. New extra information returned: Pipe S3 video link, adjusted datetime and timezone 
|Improved billing section
|Better explanation for the [Do Not Store] option
|[Select all] option for the videos tab
|Updated documentation for onCamAccess, onFlashReady and record()
|FTP testing will now also test the file upload
|Updated (S)FTP help panel
|Fixed issue [Powered by Pipe] link going over the recording time when the menu was hidden
|Fixed small issue with a JavaScript call order
|Fixed issue with device names not being encoded correctly with UTF-8
o v0.14 1st of February 2016 - Launch Version
|Added videoId parameter to the onSaveOk JavaScript function.
o v0.13 21st of December 2015
|Updated the Watermark page to show the configured or not status at the top together with the watermark itself and the selected position.
|Videos longer than 1 hour will have their duration displayed correctly.
|Adjusted the width of the Status and Video Details columns in the Videos page.
|Updated the documentation in regards to how to obtain the custom payload data from the webhook.
|Updated the REST API documentation.
|Pipe now checks if the recorded stream contains video and only then applies a watermark (if one is configured). This prevents an issue that caused streams to not get converted if they contained only audio.
|Fixed issue with video email notification being sent multiple times if certain conditions were met.
o v0.12  30th of November 2015
|Email notification each time a new video is recorded.
|Added new pre-recording screen to the Pipe interface.
|Implemented REST API with GET, PUT and DELETE requests.
|The moov atom is now placed at the beginning of videos to ensure a faster start of the video playback in browers.
|Further improvements to the video list: grouped storage option status, thumbnail that keeps the aspect ratio, new Action column that contains all the possible actions: embed, download and upload to YouTube
o v0.11 16th of November 2015
|Videos can now be uploaded to YouTube from your Pipe account area > Videos page.
|Implemented Watermarking for videos, with the option to choose the watermark and the corner where it will be positioned.
|Added the option to resend the webhooks that failed to be sent at the time of the recording. A button will be shown for the failed webhooks, in the new column of the video list table. This works retroactively with failed webhooks prior to the implementation of the feature.
o v0.10 2nd of November 2015
|Implemented Dropbox integration along with Dropbox logs for the status of the uploaded videos.
|Implemented new [Do Not Store Video] account setting. 
|Documentation updates for newly added Dropbox integration.
|Improved the Pipe servers workflow by separating the conversion mechanism from the storage mechanism.
o v0.9 19th October 2015
|The webhooks payload data now contains 2 new fields: dateTime and timeZone. Updated documentation to reflect the change.
|Videos that have been recorded without audio are now marked in the videos list, with possible explanations of why the video has no audio track.
|Made some adjustments and updates to our conversion mechanism to fix a reported issue with playback of .mp4 files in Internet Explorer.
|Added documentation on how multilanguage works in Pipe and how to load your own external language files.
|Added documentation about supported browsers.
|Old videos that were still stored on our VPS were moved to S3 and links are now being redirected. As a result our whole storage is now on Amazon S3.
|Added account hash information in the account area.
|Updated account area help panel.
|Updated webhook tab help panel.
o v0.8 7th September 2015
|All recorded videos are now stored on our Amazon S3 instances
|Multilanguage support and automatic language detection. Possibility to override auto detection and force a certain language.
|Added information about recording device names in video list
|Added device orientation information for mobile recordings
|The video list now contains larger and clickable thumbnails
|Better grouping of information on video list
|Help text panel in the account management tab
|Minor updates to the documentation
o v0.7 10th August 2015
|Implemented new design and interface functionality along with quality monitoring features
|Implemented new design options in the account area
|Added SSL support for Webhooks
|Added pagination for the videos page in the account area
|Implemented timezone setting per account
|Separated documentation for API's and other small updates to the documentation regarding SFTP/FTP and S3 uploading
o 3rd August 2015 
| Launched The Pipe Blog
o v0.6 6th July 2015
| Implemented webhook authentication for additional security
| Implemented styling options for Pipe in the account area. Menu color, background color and corner radius can now be customized
| Implemented SFTP upload. Recordings can now be stored either via SFTP or FTP
| Implemented mobile JS Event API and added specific documentation on how to access it
| Major documentation update. We reorganzied the structure and added all new documentation for the new implemented features
| Updated look for SFTP/FTP, S3 and Webhook logs
| Fixed issue with snapshots from Android devices taken in a 90 degree angle
| Fixed issue with response for test webhook not being correctly formatted
o v0.5 22th June 2015
| Implemented a new variable 'payload' that can be added to the embed code and will be sent back via webhook
| Maximum recording time can now be configured from the Pipe account area. It can also be changed directly in the embed code via the new setting 'mrt'
| Added ability to remove recorded videos from your Pipe account area
| Video will show mirrored while recording and during playback in the Pipe recorder (final videos will not be mirrored)
| Removed blinking REC icon and live frames per second value
| Fixed issue with video snapshots not being created in some instances
| Fixed issue with videos not being created if the first recording made was from a mobile device.
| Updated documentation in regards to Amazon S3 setup
| Updated documentation in regards to creating a custom quality profile
| Updated documentation in regards to the new 'payload' variable
o v0.4 8th June 2015
| Better load balanced process that handles conversion/ftp push/s3 push/webhooks
| Faster mobile uploads (conversion process is not linked to the upload process anymore)
| Implemented Amazon S3 bucket regions for better compatibility with S3
| Fixed issue with JS Control API not working because of cross site scripting
| Fixed issue with snapshots not showing up until at least 1 video had been recorded from the desktop
| Fixed issue with confirm page for new Pipe accounts
| Fixed issue with webhook logs not registering correctly for some accounts
| Corrected & improoved documentation
| Correct default test sample data for webhooks
| Minor UI improovements to the Pipe account area
| Faster loading video recorder on desktop
o v0.3 25th May 2015
| Initial release on after 2 releases as "HDFVR Cloud" available from the HDFVR client/trial account area.