File Size Limits

Recordings made with our Desktop Recording Client are limited to a maximum of 5 GiB per recording for accounts with a paid subscription and 1 GiB for trials. Our ingestions servers will discard every recording byte received after reaching this limit. These limits help us prevent malicious users from flooding us with massive recordings and help all sides in situations where users forget their recording client turned on.

This new 5 GiB limit complements the existing 5 GiB limit for direct uploads from the Desktop Recording Client and Mobile Recording Client and should be enough for most use cases. The average file size on our platform during the 1st week of 2024 was 8.14 MB. Separately, in our screen recording tests (highest resolutions and generally the use cases with the longest recordings), we’ve been able to record about 5 hours (Safari, Firefox) to 8 hours (Chrome) of fullscreen screen recording before hitting the limit. We rarely receive larger recordings, which usually happens when someone leaves the recorder working for a long time. The longest we’ve identified was 48 hours. If you need a higher limit, feel free to reach out to us.

After reaching the limit, the recording process will stop automatically with any version of pipe.js delivered through the 2.0 embed code past the 96bfd19f7 release from 04 January 2023. Starting with this release, if autosave is enabled, recordings that hit the limit will be immediately saved and processed. With autosave disabled, the user will have the chance to save them manually. With older versions of 2.0 pipe.js ( if you have it self-hosted ) and with any version of pipe.js delivered using the 1.0 embed code, the recording process will continue, but the server will discard every byte after crossing the limit.