Allowing File Uploads from the Desktop Recorder

By default, with the desktop recorder, users can only record a new video or audio file using their webcam and/or microphone.

You can allow users to upload an existing audio or video file they have on their device by turning on the file upload feature in the embed code.

Once the feature is enabled , the desktop recorder will show a new button that allows a user to upload an existing recording:

Pipe recorder with file uploads enabled

There is currently a max size limit of 5 GiB (5 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes). If the user tries to upload a larger file, the file will not be accepted and a message will be shown to the user.

New Embed Codes

For new embed codes, you can turn on the feature from the Pipe account dashboard. Activate the checkbox highlighted in the image below and press the green Generate Embed Code button. Now copy and paste that embed code into your web page.

Allowing file uploads in the options menu

Existing Embed Codes

For existing embed codes that you have in your website or blog posts, you can edit the code directly. Here’s what you have to do depending on your embed code version and type:

Embed Code v2.0 via HTML

Make sure the pipe-dup attribute of the piperecorder tag is set to 1 like this:

<piperecorder id="custom-id" pipe-width="400" pipe-height="330" pipe-qualityurl="avq/360p.xml" pipe-accounthash="ACCOUNT_HASH" pipe-eid="ENVIRONMENT_ID" pipe-mrt="120" pipe-avrec="1" pipe-dup="1" ></piperecorder>

If the attribute is missing, add it.

Embed Code v2.0 via JavaScript

Make sure the dup property is set to 1 in your JavaScript config object like this:

var pipeParams = {size: {width:400,height:330}, qualityurl: "avq/360p.xml",accountHash:"ACCOUNT_HASH", eid:"ENVIRONMENT_ID", mrt:120, avre:1, dup:1};

If the property is missing, add it.

Embed Code v1.0

Make sure the dup property of the flashvars object is set to 1 like this:

Code to enable desktop file uploads in pipe video recorder in JavaScript

If the property is missing, add it.

Supported Extensions

We’re currently allowing users to upload recordings with the following extensions:


When audio only is turned ON (ao:1) users will only be allowed to upload audio files.