Record Audio Only

The Desktop Recording Client supports an audio only mode which can be used to record only audio.


When the audio only mode is turned on, the [Record Video] button changes to [Record Audio] in the Desktop Recording Client.

The Pipe Desktop Recording Client buttons with audio only mode turned on

Also, a microphone icon will be shown (instead of the live video preview) when recording on the spot:

The Pipe Desktop Recording Client recording screen with audio only mode turned on

If the Recording Client is set up to accept uploaded files as well, the [Upload Video] button changes to [Upload Audio] and the underlying accept attribute on the <input type="file" field changes from accept="" to accept="audio/*".

How to Enable It

From the Account Dashboard

You can easily turn on the audio only mode in the Desktop Recording Client when generating new embed codes from the Pipe Account Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your Pipe Account Dashboard at
  2. Go to the Embed Recorder page
  3. On the left side, in the Options panel, select Audio in the Recorder Type drop-down
  4. Click Generate Embed Codes
  5. Copy and paste the newly generated code into your website

Setting to record audio only in the options menu

From Code

Embed Code v2.0 via HTML

Add the pipe-ao attribute to the <piperecorder> HTML tag and set it’s value to 1.

<piperecorder id="custom-id" pipe-width="640" pipe-height="390" pipe-qualityurl="avq/360p.xml" pipe-accounthash="ACCOUNT_HASH" pipe-eid="ENVIRONMENT_ID" pipe-mrt="600" pipe-ao="1"></piperecorder>

Embed Code v2.0 via JavaScript

Add the ao property to your custom JavaScript object and give it the value of 1.

var pipeParams = {size:{width:640,height:390}, qualityurl:"avq/360p.xml", accountHash:"ACCOUNT_HASH", eid:"ENVIRONMENT_ID", mrt:600, ao:1};

Your custom object will be passed as a parameter to PipeSDK.insert().

Embed Code v1.0

Add the ao property to the flashvars object and set it to 1 like so: Code to switch the recording client to audio only mode

Audio Recording Quality

For details on the audio recording quality with the Desktop Recording Client see this section.