Screen Recording

Pipe can record the screen on Chrome 72+, Firefox 66+, and Edge 79+ when using the Desktop Recording Client.


When screen recording is enabled, the Desktop Recording Client will show a [Record Screen] button on the initial screen.

In the example below, screen recording, recording from the webcam and uploading existing files are alll enabled: Screen recording enable on the Pipe Recorder

When clicking [Record Screen], depending on the browser you are using, you will be able to record the following:

  • On Chrome you can record the entire screen, an application window, or a Chrome tab.
  • On Firefox you can record the entire screen or an application window.
  • On Edge you can record the entire screen, an application window, or an Edge tab.

How to Enable It

From the UI

You can easily enable screen recording in your Desktop Recording Client when generating a new embed code from the Embed section of your Account Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your Pipe Account Dashboard at
  2. Go to the Embed Recorder page
  3. On the left side, in the Options panel, select Screen in the Recorder Type drop-down
  4. Click the green Generate Embed Codes button
  5. Copy and paste the newly generated code into your website

Enable screen reocrding in the options menu

From Code

Embed Code v2.0 via HTML

Add the pipe-srec="1" attribute to the piperecorder tag

Embed Code v2.0 via JavaScript

Add the srec property to your custom JavaScript object and give it a value of 1: srec:1 Your custom object will be passed as a parameter to PipeSDK.insert().

Embed Code v1.0

Add the srec property to the flashvars object and set it to 1 like so:

Code to enable screen recording in JavaScript

Known issues

  • On Chrome recording a tab will throw the error Device error: no audio or video data if no activity is registered in the captured tab (no mouse movements, no scrolling etc).
  • On Firefox recording certain application windows, i.e. a Chrome window, will result in black-screen videos. The audio will be recorded as expected.