Viewing Recordings from Your Account

Once a recording is saved, it will show up in your Pipe account dashboard in the Recordings section.

Here’s what the list of recordings looks like:

List of all videos in pipe account area

Every recording appears on a table row along with useful information grouped in 6 columns:

ID/Date/Time/IPthe id of the recording as it is stored in our database, the date and time when the recording was made, the IP of the device from which it was streamed or uploaded, and the region against which the recording was streamed or uploaded
Sourcethe source (desktop or mobile device) along with the browser and OS, microphone and camera names, file name, file format, codecs, original size, the payload attached to the recorder, and the referral
Transcodeddetails about the output files including links to where they’re available through HTTPS (if the files are stored by us) and details about the main .mp4 file
Thumbnailthe thumbnail of the recording snapshot if it is a video recording or a microphone icon for audio-only recordings
Statusthe status of all the processes in the pipeline (recording, transcoding, storing, etc.)
Actionbuttons for embedding the recording, downloading it, and for pushing it to YouTube.