Limiting the Length of Recordings

When recording with the Mobile Native Recording Client, we can not limit the length of the recording.

The HTML Media Capture standard we’re using relies on the OS capabilities to handle the recording process, and it does not have an option to limit the length.

However, if enforcing a maximum length is important to you, you can consider these two possible solutions:

  1. Cut Recordings to Length Server Side
  2. Switch to the Desktop Recording Client

Cut Recordings to Length Server Side

The Pipe Platform offers an option to cut recordings uploaded through the Mobile Native Recording Client to the maximum length specified in the embed code (mrt value) if the recording is longer than the maximum allowed length.

With this option turned on, a 3-minute video will be cut down to 2 minutes (first two minutes) if the mrt value is set to 120 seconds.

The option can be found in the Account Dashboard under the Transcoding Engine section.

When relying on this mechanism, you should advise your (mobile) users that their recordings will be cut to length.

You will only be charged for the cut & processed portion of the recording. You will not be charged for the entire length. In the example above, you will only be charged for a 2-minute-long recording.

Switch to the Desktop Recording Client

The Desktop Recording Client can be used inline on mobile browsers/devices and it supports limiting the length of any recording made on the spot through the mrt (maximum recording time) embed code option.

In the Desktop Recording Client, when the mrt value is hit, the recording process stops.

You can switch to the Desktop Recording Client on mobile devices/browsers from your Account Dashboard’s Edit Environment section.