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Pipe's feature set's been driven by our clients. Thank you all for your invaluable suggestions and contributions! Scroll down for a quick incursion of what's currently possible. Email ideas to

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Record from both desktop and mobile devices

Pipe uses different tech to make sure your website visitors can record video from their PC or while on the go using their mobile device.

On mobile we use HTML5 to record the video locally and upload the data to our server.

On desktop we use Flash or HTML5/WebRTC to stream the audio and video data in real time to a media server where it's saved in a video file.

Up to 4k UltraHD video

Pipe can record high quality 1080p videos from supporting desktop webcams and 4k when used from mobile devices that support 4k video recording.

Bandwidth Independent

Pipe's client and server buffers make it possible to record high quality video over slow connections.


A snapshot is taken from each video to easily represent the video on your website.

Device rotation

When recording from mobile devices the device rotation is taken into account to make sure the resulting .mp4 and .jpg snapshot are properly oriented no matter where they're played back.

Convert to MP4

Pipe converts all the different types of video files to an ubiquitous .mp4 file with AAC audio and H.264 video that will work on the web, on your phone, on your iPod and on your PC/Mac.


With Pipe PRO accounts a PNG watermark can be applied to any corner of the video.

Choice Of Storage

Pipe stores the resulting video on it's servers for delivery but it can push the videos to your own S3 bucket or FTP account.

Pipe S3 Storage

We store the videos for delivery on our own Amazon S3 buckets. The videos are instantly available for playback.

Your S3 buckets

Pipe can push the videos to your own Amazon S3 account once they're converted to .mp4.


Pipe can also push the video to your (S)FTP account once the conversion process finishes.


Starting with Pipe 0.10 you can now push the videos to your own Dropbox account


Videos can be individually pushed to your YouTube channel from Pipe's account area.

Care free playback

The video files produced by Pipe can be played back anywhere.

In the browser

Browsers will easily play the file using the <video> tag.

On the desktop

Any popular video player software will play the .mp4 files created by Pipe.

On mobile devices

Mobile devices will play the files when embedded in a web page or when placed on the device.

Easy To Integrate

Plan to control Pipe from JS or just to keep track of the videos? You can do so with our API's:

Desktop & mobile JS Events API

The JavaScript Events API allows you to trigger functions in your HTML page based on events in the video recorder.

Desktop JS Control API

The JavaScript Control API allows you to take control of Pipe and even implement your own interface.


Our Webhooks will notify you whenever a new video is recorded. Authentication and SSL webhooks are supported.


Our REST API will allows you to retrieve data about any of the videos recorded on your account.

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