Record Audio, Video & the Screen From Your Website or Web App

Pipe's several recording clients work on both mobile and desktop devices.
Fast Loading
The recorder client is quickly delivered through Amazon's CloudFront CDN from the closest of 169 edge locations around the globe.
No Upload Times
We start to stream the data back to our media server as soon as the user starts recording. If he has a high enough upload bandwidth there will be no upload time at the end.
Record From Mobile
HTML Media Capture is used to record video from mobile devices using the OS' capabilities & upload it to our processing infrastructure.
Up to 4k Video
Pipe can record and properly manage videos up to 4k (3840x2160) in resolution from mobile devices and up to 1080p from desktop devices.
The recording clients are avb. in English, French, German & Spanish. You can also use your own custom language file.
Export Recording Data
You can export the recording data from each of your environments to .csv.
Audio Recording
Pipe can now record audio only files from desktop browsers and Android devices. iOS devices can not record audio only, just audio+video.
Picture in Picture
We've implemented a picture in picture mode for video playback to solve Firefox's camera privacy dialog's lack of persistence.
Video Recovery Mechanism
If the user's connection completely fails while recording we take the streamed recorded data and attempt to process it.
US & EU Regions
Your recordings can be automatically recorded to and processed by our EU or US servers for faster uploading and compliance with data protection laws.
Upload Audio & Video Files
Your users can upload existing audio and video files through both our desktop video recorder and the mobile native recorder.
Screen Recording Beta
Capture the user's screen and enable new use cases in tech support, qualitative marketing research and sales.
We've recently made our desktop HTML5 recorder fully controllable using just a keyboard. You can easily TAB your way to completing a video recording.
Inline Mobile Recording Clients Beta
Our desktop recorder will now also work inline on Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS
Recover Lost Connections
If the streaming connection from our desktop recorder to our media server fails during recording we'll attempt to reconnect 30 times, behind the scenes, while the user is recording.

We Process The Videos For You

You are NOT a film editor!


The final .mp4 recordings files we produce contain the right audio and video codecs and are encoded at the right level to play natively across browsers, desktop players and devices.

We also extract a snapshot, place a keyframe at the beginning + the MOOV atom before that and add a watermark to any corner if needed.

Good To Go MP4
All incoming recordings (.mov, .flv, .3gp, .webm, etc.) are transcoded to a fine tuned .mp4 file which plays across browsers, devices and desktop players.
Video Watermarks
With the PRO subscription plan you can easily add a PNG watermark to any corner of your videos. Not available with Standard subscriptions or Trial accounts.
Video Snapshots
A snapshot is extracted from each video to make it easy to identify and embed the video later on.
Mobile Video Rotation
The device rotation is taken into account to make sure the resulting .mp4 and .jpg snapshot play in the correct orientation across devices.
Pipe places the famed MOOV atom at the beginning of the .mp4 file to ensure immediate playback over the web.
1st Keyframe Position
Pipe tries as much as possible to place a keyframe at the beginning of the video to ensure playback does not start with a black frame.

Store Anywhere

We offer complimentary storage and bandwidth for your audio & video recordings. If you record a lot or need more control over the storage, Pipe can push the resulting recording files to your server through FTP, FTPS, SFTP, to your Amazon S3 bucket and compatible services, to your Dropbox account and even to your YouTube channel.
Our own storage
By default, we store all recordings and their associated files (snapshot, filmstrip, raw recording) on our own long term complimentary storage in Frankfurt (EU1), Amsterdam (EU2), N. California (US1) & N. Virginia (US2).
Amazon S3
Pipe can push the recordings & their associated files to your Amazon S3 buckets or to any other storage service compatible with the S3 API like Google Cloud Storage or DigitalOcean Spaces.
Pipe can also use FTP, FTPS and SFTP to push the recordings & their associated files to your storage server.
With the DO NOT STORE toggle turned on, recordings are never pushed to our storage, only to yours.
Use the Dropbox integration to be immediately notified about & immediately access new recordings on all of your devices.
Videos can be individually pushed to your YouTube channel from your Pipe account dashboard.

Easy To Integrate

Our new 2.0 embed code makes it easy to embed multiple recorders into your (single page) web app using HTML or JS. Webhooks instantly provide data about new recordings to your server side scripts while the REST API provides long term access to your data.
HTML and JS Embed Codes
Quickly add Pipe to any web page or single page app with our easy to use but powerful HTML and JS embed codes.
Multiple Webhooks
You can setup webhooks to fire on 6 different Pipe events. Each event has its own data that's POSTed to your receiving script.
JS Control APIs
The JS Control API allows you to hide the native Pipe UI and implement your own custom HTML interface.
Design Integration
The Pipe recording clients can be integrated in terms of functionality but also in terms of size, colors and design.
Gives you instant programmatic access to all your recordings and account data in JSON format via GET,PUT & DELETE.
JS Events API
Take action in the browser as soon as something happens in the recorder with the desktop and mobile JS events APIs.

Easy To Manage

View recordings, generate embed codes, manage storage options, view logs, create environments and more with just a few clicks from the Pipe account dashboard.
Easy Access to Recordings
Through the Pipe account dashboard you have immediate access to all your recordings and their metadata.
Dates & Times That Make Sense
All dates and times are shown in your time zone. You can change the time zone at any time.
Keep recordings and settings separate between your websites, projects, clients or between dev, QA and production.
Rich Metadata
Lots of metadata is stored with each recording: resolution, ip, length, user agent, codecs, device names, etc. .
Easy Access to Storage Logs
Did a push to your configured storage fail? Find out why right away with our easy to filter & find success and error logs.
Detailed Settings
We've taken great care to make our account dashboard intuitive to use but also to explain in detail all account & environment settings.
Email Notifications
You'll get an email for each new recording with a snapshot + details about the newly recorded video or audio file.
Granular Billing Information
If you record past the included monthly quotas you can rely on our granular usage information to control your costs.

GDPR Ready


If you're from the EU, or you're not from the EU but you're processing data of data subjets in the EU, you can rest assured as our platform will help you comply with GDPR requirements. We've went through the compliance process several times in relation to both the data we process for you as processors (recordings, metadata, snapshots) and data we hold as controllers.

You should check out our GDPR overview page for more information on how we help you comply and feel free to email us any GDPR related questions at

🔒 End To End Security

The audio & video data is always encrypted in transit from your users to our media servers and all the way to our storage. Playback from our storage and data flows to and from our REST API are also encrypted in transit.
Secure Client Delivery (https)
If your website is delivered over https our recording client will also be delivered over https.
Encrypted Streaming (HTML5)
Our desktop HTML5 recording client uses a secure wss connection to stream encrypted data over the public Internet.
Secure Playback
Playback & download from our EU & US Amazon S3 storage buckets is done securely through https.
Authenticated Webhooks
Pipe automatically signs all POSTed webhooks so you can verify on your end that the data is coming from Pipe and not a third-party.
Secure Push to Storage
The recordings are securely pushed to our EU & US S3 buckets, to your web site (through SFTP) or to your Amazon S3 bucket.

Pre Built Integrations & Tutorials

Our prebuilt integrations and tutorials make it easy to jump start using Pipe with 3rd party software.

Storage & Video Hosting

Both Pipe Standard & PRO can push the final recordings (.mp4) and all associated files to (a folder in) your Dropbox account. You will be notified through Dropbox's push notifications and you'll be able to download and play the video on any device that supports Dropbox.

Once a video has been recorded and processed it can be pushed to your YouTube channel directly from your Pipe account dashboard.

Pipe can automatically push the final recordings (.mp4) and all associated files to your own Amazon S3 bucket. All regions are supported and you can specify a folder, the storage class and a canned ACL. You can set up the push to S3 from your Pipe account dashboard.

Pipe can automatically push the final recordings (.mp4) and all associated files to your DigitalOcean Space. This tutorial covers how you can push the files to your DO Space through our S3 push implementation.

Pipe can automatically push the final recordings (.mp4) and all associated files to a bucket in your Google Cloud storage. This tutorial covers how you can push the files to your Google Cloud Storage bucket through our S3 push implementation.

Forms & Surveys

There are several ways to integrate with Gravity Forms and capture audio and video using the Pipe Recording Client in a Gravity Forms form:

  1. The GF integration article we wrote in September 2023, which uses the 2.0 HTML Embed Code, is the most up-to-date and powerful way to integrate. Because you're using directly the embed code, you have access to all its configuration options. Because you're using the 2.0 embed code, you have access to the latest Recording Client features. It also works with any GF License.
  2. The GF integration article we wrote in 2016 uses the older Embed Code 1.0. This embed code has several limitations (can't include more than one recorder on the same web page for example) and you're not getting the latest recording client features (responsive UI, seek during playback, etc. ).
  3. The official Pipe Add-On developed by Gravity Forms also uses the older Embed Code 1.0 to integrate (with the limitations and feature-reduction mentioned above) and it does not expose all the configuration options that you have when using the embed code directly. You also need the more expensive Gravity Forms Elite license to access this particular add-on.

The tutorial we wrote for the Ninja Forms 2.9 WP plugin shows you how to add the Pipe video recorder to a form generated using Ninja Forms and collect video recorded input together with your form submissions.

Whether you want to build a signup form, a contact form or a more complex questionnaire or qualitative survey that includes video responses, this tutorial will show you how to do that using Formstack forms and the Pipe video recording platform.

Creating Qualitative Surveys With Video Responses is now easier than ever with Alchemer and Pipe. An older tutorial from the SurveyGizmo period is available here.

Whether you want to add video responses to a simple questionnaire or collect open-ended qualitative video data, you can use Pipe with Formsite. This newer tutorial from 2020 will show you how to add one or more Pipe video recorders to a Formsite form using the 2.0 embed code. A 2nd older tutorial from 2016 covers embedding one Pipe recorder in a Formsite form using the 1.0 embed code.

In this tutorial we've covered how you can use Pipe Video Recorder in your Qualtrics forms, add multiple video recorders to your Qualtrics surveys and save the video answers along with the rest of your survey's responses.

In this tutorial, written by Nipo, they've covered how to add audio and video responses to Nfield surveys, using Pipe.


The Pipe embed code works when pasted directly in the WordPress editor. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step to add the Pipe recorder to any WordPress page or post.

Adding audio and video recording to your Squarespace website is very simple, it just involves copying and pasting the Pipe recording client embed code in the correct Squarespace code blocks. Follow our tutorial for a detailed step by step guide.

Adding video and audio recording features to your Wix website is super easy thanks to Pipe Video & Audio Recorder. Refer to this step-by-step tutorial for all the details!

This tutorial will guide you through the integration of the Pipe Video Recorder in Webflow by building a video testimonials page step-by-step.

In this tutorial we cover how to build a video KYC user verification system with without writing code.

3rd party plugin: the Pipe Video and Audio Recorder plugin developed by Louis Adekoya is available through the Bubble Plugins Marketplace. For support with this plugin please contact the developer.


We've written several tutorials showing possible Zapier-Pipe integrations.

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