Camera Tag vs Pipe

Pipe is a powerful Camera Tag alternative.

Thinking of making the switch from Camera Tag ?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Easier To Implement & Manage

Built for developers with all parties in mind.

Copy. Paste. Record.

You can add Pipe to any web page with an easy to manage but powerful HTML embed code.

Manage your videos

Review & manage your newly recorded videos, webhooks, storage & billing from your account.

Powerful range of SDKs & APIs

Granular integrations with your website and apps are possible using Pipe's webhooks, the REST API and the JS APIs.

Your Videos Are More Secure

The video data is always secured in transit from recording to playback & APIs.

Secure recording

All videos, from both our Flash and HTML5 video recording clients, are recorded through encrypted connections.

Secure storage

The vides are securely pushed to our stoarge (optional), to your web site (through SFTP) or to your Amazon S3 bucket.

Secure playback

Playback & download from our storage is done securely through https.

Secure APIs

Both the REST API and the Webhooks can push data over https ensuring no man in the middle attacks.

Pipe Is Reliable.

And can handle long videos; And has shorter upload times;

On desktops, Pipe streams the video data to the media server, while recording.

This solution is better than other solutions that involve recording locally + uploading because:

  1. The total recording time is shorter.
  2. The recorded video is safely stored in case of tab/browser/OS crash or accidental close.
  3. You can record long videos.

You'll Pay Less.

Plans start at just $25/mo.

Minutes Camera Tag Pipe Savings
1000 $35/mo $25/mo $120/year
2500 $150/mo $25/mo $1500/year
4000 $150/mo $40/mo $1320/year
12500 $450/mo $125/mo $3900year

If you go over the included minutes - which *very* rarely happens - we charge just 1¢/min for small resolution video.

You’re not just buying a piece of software. You’re actually hiring a whole team of people to solve this problem for you.

We're working on Pipe every day to make it better in every way.

We're constantly

  1. talking to customers
  2. researching new tech & features
  3. clarifying documentation
  4. refactoring the UI
  5. extensively using our product

Our philosophy is to ship few well thought out, researched & documented quality features as opposed to flooding the product with every conceivable idea.

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