Thinking of making the switch
from Camera Tag ?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we`ve put together
some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Pipe Has A Better Recording Client

Faster down the wire, more accessible, streams data, recovers videos and you can control the recording resolution.

5.9 Times Smaller in Size
The Pipe HTML5 video recording client is just 91.4KB in size over 5 http requests. The CameraTag recorder is downloading 540KB over 10 http requests.
No Upload Times
Because the Pipe desktop recorders start streaming data back to our platform as soon as recording starts, most times there's no need for an upload wait screen at the end.
Video Recovery Mechansim
With Pipe, if the user completely looses Internet connection, we recover the streamed data and process it as normal.
Control Video Resolution
With Pipe it is easy to configure the desktop recorder to record at 320p, 480p, 720p or at any other resolution. CameraTag decides for you.
TAB Accessible
Our HTML5 recorder is fully TAB accessible. A must if you need to meet the double A WCAG accessibility rating for government websites.
Less HTTP Requests
Our HTML5 recorder delivered through new 2.0 embed code uses only 5 HTTP requests to record a video. CameraTag requires double that.
Up to 4k Resolution
We correctly process videos up to 4k in resolution recorded from mobile devices.
Multi Language
The Pipe client supports 4 languages out of the box: English, French, German and Spanish.
Screen + Camera Recording
You can use Pipe to record both your user's screen and camera using our built-in, extension free screen and camera recorder. Works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Pipe Is Easier to Integrate

With complex single page apps, websites or native apps.

Powerful JavaScript SDK
Our new 2.0 JS embed code allows you to easily add or remove recorders from your single page apps when using Angular, Vue, React or plain JS.
6 Webhook Events
Pipe can POST data to your server-side scripts at 6 points in the lifecycle of a recording allowing for more granular integrations and immediate notifications.
Video ingestion through POST
Our private POST API allows you to push videos to the Pipe platform from any server side code and mobile app regardless of technology. For more info email us at

Easier to Manage

With the Pipe account dashboard you can easily view recordings, generate embed codes, manage storage options,
track problems through error logs, create environments and more with just a few clicks.

Manage More Recordings
Pipe's account dashboard is made to easily manage thousands of videos. We show 50 recordings per page with in depth info. This makes it easy to spot problems or search on page for specific recordings.
Uses Your Time Zone
In the Pipe account dashboard all dates and times are shown in your own (changeable) time zone. Every recording and event is now easy to pinpoint in time. No more UTC guesswork.
More Data
With every recording we collect more metadata incl. device names, audio/video codecs, sample rates and # of channels. This data gives you a clear picture of what's coming in before transcoding.
Retry Mechanism
If for some reason we are unable to push the recording and snapshot to your storage (for example if your server is down for a while) we retry 12 times over 3 days.
Track Down Storage Issues
The success/error logs we keep for storage attempts are linked from each individual recording, can be searched by video id and can be filtered to show only problems.
Account/Subscription Control
At anytime you can cancel your subscription and/or delete your Pipe account together with all the recordings and account data.

In Most Cases, You'll Pay Less

Our plans start at just $50/mo. Here's how volume recording compares with Camera Tag's prices:

Camera Tag
You save
2500 web
$110 / month
$50 / month
$720 / year
10000 web
$450 / mo
$200 / month
$3000 / year
20000 web
$450 / mo
$400 / month
$600 / year
1666 SD
$68 / mo
$50 / month
$216 / year
6666 SD
$250 / mo
$200 / month
$600 / year
4000 HD
$450 / mo
$200 / month
$3000 / year

In addition, if you go over the included monthly quota, we charge granularly for audio, 320p, 480p, 720p, FullHD, and 4k.

We're Here To Back You Up

When you're subscribing to Pipe you're not just buying software, you're hiring a whole team to handle recording for you.
We’re available through email and Twitter ready to answer any questions and help you get started.

Founder & CTO
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Recording Client Engineer
Backend Engineer
Full Stack Engineer

Your Videos Are More Secure

The video data is always secured in transit from recording to playback & APIs.

Secure Recording
All videos, from both our Flash and HTML5 video recording clients, are recorded through encrypted connections.
Secure Storage
The videos are securely pushed to our storage (optional), to your web site (through SFTP) or to your Amazon S3 bucket.
Secure Playback
Playback & download from our storage is done securely through https.
Secure APIs
Both the REST API and the Webhooks can push data over https ensuring no man in the middle attacks.
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