Thinking of making the switch
from Ziggeo ?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we`ve put together
some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

We're Focused on Recording

Recording video is a complex task which is why it occupies 100% of our time.

Weapons Grade Clients
Our fast, CDN delivered video recording clients make it easy to record across desktop & mobile.
Streamed data
Both our new HTML5 and legacy Flash video recording clients use streaming to quickly send the recorded data to our servers.
Ready to use mp4
We deliver a fine tuned .MP4 video file that'll work across browsers, devices and video players.

A Lot Easier to Implement & Manage

From the Pipe account area you can easily generate an embed code,
manage recorded videos, storage options, environments and more with just a few clicks.

Copy. Paste. Record.
Get started right away with an immediately available, easy to manage but powerful HTML embed code.
Times That Make Sense
All dates and times in the Pipe account area are shown in your time zone. We're sensitive to that.
Browse Recorded Videos
Recorded videos show up right away in the Pipe account w/ snapshots & a lot of meta data.

You'll Pay Less

Here's how our plans, compare with Ziggeo's when you record 1000 or 10000 minutes per month.

Camera Tag
You save
$99 / month
$50 / month
$588 / year
$328 / mo
$200 / month
$1536 / year

We're Here To Back You Up

When you're subscribing to Pipe you're not just buying software, you're hiring a whole team to handle recording for you.
We’re available through email and Twitter ready to answer any questions and help you get started.

Founder & CTO

Your Videos Are More Secure

The video data is always secured in transit from recording to playback & APIs.

Secure Recording
All videos, from both our Flash and HTML5 video recording clients, are recorded through encrypted connections.
Secure Storage
The videos are securely pushed to our storage (optional), to your web site (through SFTP) or to your Amazon S3 bucket.
Secure Playback
Playback & download from our storage is done securely through https.
Secure APIs
Both the REST API and the Webhooks can push data over https ensuring no man in the middle attacks.
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