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We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we`ve put together
some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Pipe Has A Better Recording Client

3.3 Times Smaller in Size

The Pipe HTML5 video recording client is just 91.4KB in size over 5 http requests. The Ziggeo recorder is downloading over 300KB before the user can record.

Streaming Data Means Shorter Or No Upload Times

Because the Pipe desktop recorders (both the HTML5 one and the legacy Flash one) start streaming data back to our media server as soon as the user starts recording, most often there's no need for an upload wait screen at the end. And if you're trying to record high resolution video over slow upload connections, the upload period at the end will be a lot shorter since the upload started at the beginning of the recording when the user pressed RECORD, not at the end of the recording when he pressed STOP.

Video Recovery Mechansim

Since we stream data to our media server as soon as the user starts recording, if, while recording, the user completely looses Internet connection, we can recover the streamed data that reached our media server and process it as normal.

Pipe is Easier to Manage

Quickly Browse Large Amounts of Recordings

Our list of recordings shows 50 recordings per page with dates and times, thumbnails for easy identification, size, length, resolution, IP, referrer, user agent and push to storage + webhook status AND links to success/error logs. All this information helps you quickly scan the list for certain recordings or problematic recordings.

Dates And Times in Your Timezone

No matter where you are on the globe we show dates and times in your timezone. We show them in the list of recordings, for every successful or failed push to storage attempt and for every webhook POST.

We Collect More Useful Metadata

With every recording we collect more metadata incl. webcam and microphone device names and extract more information out of the recordings like audio & video codecs, sample rates and number of audio channels. This data gives you a clear picture of what's coming in from your users and it is essential if you care about audio and video quality or if there's a transcoding issue.

Delete Account And Data At Anytime

As per the GDPR, you can at anytime delete your Pipe account together with all the recordings, metadata and account data. This is a real deletion, not just a marked as deleted entry in our db. Although Ziggeo claims to be GDPR compliant in relation to the data you provide them they do not offer this option.

Better Regions Implementation

We can record to, process and store videos in 2 regions: US (N. California) and EU (Amsterdam + Frankfurt). What makes our solution better is that you're not forced into a single region per account, with Pipe you can select the region per environment. There's also an auto option in which case our platform decides to which region to connect each user that records.

Know When Your Storage Has Issues And Take Action Right Away

We keep detailed logs of all attempts to store the recording and its snapshot on your preferred storage (SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox). Most are successful but some will fail for example when:

When such issues appear you'll be immediately notified by email and you'll be able to quickly identify the issue because the detailed failure logs are immediately available from the email we send you and from the recordings list. You'll also see a notification in your account dashboard the next time you sign in in case you have these notifications disabled.

Once the issue is solved, our retry mechanism will take care of the heavy work of pushing the unpushed files to your storage. This becomes hugely important when your app or website records tens or hundreds of recordings in a short amount of time.

GDPR Compliance Is a First Class Citizen for Us

We're excited about the GDPR and the strong data privacy principles and rules that it establishes and we've actively prepared our business for the GDPR.

GDPR Compliant as a Data Processor

If you are established in the EU or if your offer products and services to people in the EU you must be GDPR compliant in relation to personal data. We've spent several months at the beginning of 2017 making sure all our processes, systems, software and policies are GDPR compliant in relation to data we process for you (audio & video files, snapshots, device names, IPv4, user agents, referer, etc. ) as a data processor. You can read more about our GDPR compliance as data processor at

GDPR Compliant as a Data Controller

We've also spent time to ensure we're GDPR compliant in relation to your personal data, data we process as a controller. You can read more about our GDPR compliance as data controller at

If you have any questions regarding GDPR just email us at

Simple & Transparent Pricing

No Charge For Storage and Bandwidth

We do not charge separately for storage (video hosting) and bandwidth (playback) and since Ziggeo's prices for video hosting and playback are expressed in price per minutes of SD or HD video - not in price per GB - there's no easy comparison with Amazon's S3 storage prices.

More Granular Price/Resolutions

We charge granularly for audio, 320p, 480p, 720p, FullHD, and 4k. Ziggeo separates into just SD and HD regardless if you're recording 4k videos from mobile devices over WiFi or just 320x240 over slow or expensive mobile data connections.

Detailed Usage Reports

We provide detailed, transparent, verifiable monthly usage reports containing the total length of recordings in each resolution slot (accurate to a hundred of a second) and cost per each resolution. On these reports we base our monthly invoice. If you're recording a lot of videos, past your included monthly quota, this becomes important.

You'll Pay Less

Here's how our plans, compare with Ziggeo's when you record 1000 or 10000 SD minutes per month.

Camera Tag
You save
$99 / month
$50 / month
$588 / year
$328 / mo
$200 / month
$1536 / year

We're Here To Back You Up

When you're subscribing to Pipe you're not just buying software, you're hiring a whole team to handle recording for you.
We’re available through email and Twitter ready to answer any questions and help you get started.

Founder & CTO
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Recording Client Engineer
Backend Engineer
Full Stack Engineer

Your Videos Are More Secure

The video data is always secured in transit from recording to playback & APIs.

Secure Recording
All videos, from both our Flash and HTML5 video recording clients, are recorded through encrypted connections.
Secure Storage
The videos are securely pushed to our storage (optional), to your web site (through SFTP) or to your Amazon S3 bucket.
Secure Playback
Playback & download from our storage is done securely through https.
Secure APIs
Both the REST API and the Webhooks can push data over https ensuring no man in the middle attacks.
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