Ziggeo vs Pipe

Pipe is a simple Ziggeo alternative. Here's why you should consider switching…

Hi there,

Thinking of making the switch to Pipe or one of the other Ziggeo competitors?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you. We hope this helps!

Pipe has more USEFUL features

Features that you'll actually use!!!

Ubiquitous .mp4 video files

There are many types of .mp4 files, ours work on any device and browser.

Time zone option

Showing dates & times in YOUR time zone makes managing your Pipe account & videos easier.

5 Webhooks

5 different webhooks events throughout the video recording process makes for accurate integrations.

We handle exotic video files

Exotic video files created by various Android devices are properly handled and converted to .mp4.

Portrait videos

We properly handle the orientation in portrait videos for correct playback across devices and browsers.

iOS/Android SDKs

iOS and Android SDKs allow you to add video recording to your app in the future.

Pipe is better if losing videos scares you

And for long videos; And for shorter upload times;

When recording from desktop, Pipe streams the data to a media server where it is saved. This streaming solution is better than what Ziggeo is using (recording locally + uploading) because:

  1. you don't lose the recorded video in case of tab/browser/OS crash or accidental close
  2. there is little to no "upload" delay at the end which means the overall recording process is faster
  3. you can record long videos because you're not limited by the client's RAM memory

Pipe is definitely cheaper


And plans start at just $25/mo. Ziggeo's price is 1.8¢/min when subscribing to their cheapest plan which is $29/mo.

Minutes Ziggeo Pipe Savings
1000 $29/mo $25/mo $48/year
2500 $65.75/mo $25/mo $489/year
4000 $105.2/mo $40/mo $782.4/year
12500 $276.25/mo $125/mo $1815year
20000 $399/mo $200/mo $2388/year

We're improving Pipe EVERY DAY

We're working on Pipe every day to make it better in every way.

That includes researching new technologies & features, writing documentation, refactoring the UI, talking to customers and extensively using our product every day.

Our philosophy is to ship few well thought out & researched quality features as opposed to flooding the product with every conceivable idea.

We are here to help

We’re here for you with personal support, all day, every day, via email and Twitter @pipecroder, no matter what you need.

Octavian, Product Manager

Remus, Developer

Virgi, Support, Documentation

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