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Everything you need to record audio & video on your website.
$ 50 / month
(excl. VAT or sales tax)
Push to S3, SFTP & FTP(S), up to 4K videos, transcoding engine, watermarks, REST API, camera & microphone logs, screen recording, desktop uploads & faster support.
$ 250 / month
(excl. VAT or sales tax)
Standard PRO
Record from the desktop & mobile web yes yes
Export recording data to .csv yes yes
CDN with over 169 edge servers for delivering the recording client yes yes
HTML5 recorder yes yes
Push recordings to your Dropbox folder or YouTube channel yes yes
Save the recording data to your db using webhooks yes yes
JS API’s (Event & Control) yes yes
Easy to use account dashboard for managing recordings yes yes
Record audio (without video) yes yes
No resolution limit for videos through the mobile native recorder yes yes
Max video resolution through the desktop recorder SD 4K
Recording regions: US & EU infrastructure yes yes
Lifecycle: automatically delete recordings after n days yes yes
Add watermarks to video recordings no yes
Push recordings to your Amazon S3 buckets or compatible services no yes
Push recordings to your storage through SFTP and FTP(S) no yes
Always available REST API no yes
Screen recording Beta no yes
Allow users to upload existing files through the desktop recorder no yes
Allow users to upload existing files through the mobile native recorder yes yes
Transcoding Engine with resolution & aspect ratio controls New no yes
Filmstrips for each video New no yes
Keep original recording New no yes
Powered by Pipe link yes no
Max file size limit 5GiB 5GiB
Initial daily number of recordings limit (e-mail us to raise them) 1250 2500
Debug camera & mic issues with getUserMedia() logs 72h 30 days
E-mail & messenger (max) support response time (weekdays) best effort 48h

Yes, there are several:

  1. The max file size limit is 1GiB (instead of 5GiB with a paid subscription)
  2. You can record up to 500 recordings per day (instead of up to 1250 or 2500 with a paid subscription)
  3. You can't use the watermark feature
  4. A watermark (the Pipe logo) will be added to most video recordings

The monthly subscription is the minimum commitment applied to the recording prices shown lower on the page.

For example the Standard plan ($50/mo) covers the cost of recording up to 2500 minutes of video in web resolution or 1666 in SD resolution while the PRO plan ($250/mo) covers the cost of recording up to 12500 minutes of video in web resolution, 8333 in SD resolution or 5000 in HD resolution.

98% of our clients never go over the their monthly subscription payments. If you're part of the other 2%, you will be charged for the extra minutes through the invoice/charge for the next billing period.

Transcoding engine: for billing purposes videos that go through a transformation will be priced at the rate corresponding to their original resolution. Original recordings, if kept, will be priced separately at the same rates.


We also provide detailed usage information accurate to the hundred of a millisecond in case you go over your monthly recording quota included in the subscription price.

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Your next payment will proportionately reflect the number of days you've used each of the 2 plans. If you downgrade from PRO you might not have to pay anything for up to 4 months.

Most clients use the 14 days trial implement Pipe in their web sites or apps but you can upgrade from a trial to a paid account right away.

When you (or the company which is purchasing) are from the EU and you're not registered for VAT in your country.

We offer volume discounts when recording more than 10k video minutes/month as per the table below. All prices are per minute. We do not round up.

Resolution 1st 10k minutes next 90k minutes next 900k minutes next 9M minutes 10M+
Audio 1¢/min 0.95¢ 0.90¢ 0.85¢ 0.80¢
Web 2¢/min 1.9¢ 1.8¢ 1.7¢ 1.6¢
SD 3¢/min 2.85¢ 2.7¢ 2.55¢ 2.4¢
HD 5¢/min 4.75¢ 4.5¢ 4.25¢
FullHD & 2K 10¢/min 9.5¢ 8.5¢
4K 15¢/min 14.25¢ 13.5¢ 12.75¢ 12¢

Standard Recording Prices

The monthly subscription fee is applied to recording audio and web, SD, HD, FullHD & 4k videos:

The prices per minute have changed in October 2018 (the image above shows the new prices), read this blog post for details.
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